Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical roller mill replaces stone powder with limestone powder for burdening modification. By adjusting the height of the retaining ring of vertical roller mill, optimizing the parameters, modifying the form and structure of the wind ring, optimizing the ventilation area and wind speed, the vertical grinding system can adapt to the change of the particle size distribution of the raw material.

vertical roller mill

Vertical Roller Mill Struction Picture

vertical roller mill

The main parameters including material properties, disc diameter, grinding speed, roll diameter, roller number, design production, feed size, product fineness, grinding, grinding, water moisture into the air, grinding grinding grinding, air temperature, air outlet air temperature, material thickness and single stick pressure roller.

How to solve the problem of too high temperature of vertical roller mill

The temperature of the cement mill is too high, including fan motor heating and bearing temperature too high, and so on. First, we must find out the reason why the temperature rises, then solve the problem.

  • check whether the extension pipeline is smooth, the viscosity of the oil and the brand meet the requirements.
  • cement vertical mill superfine powder into the roller bearing to timely refueling, in accordance with the provisions of regular cleaning, replacement of oil seal.
  • roll grinding ring bearings should be regular refueling.
  • cement superfine vertical mill bearing room temperature can not exceed 70 degrees, if the bearing temperature is too high, should immediately remove the cleaning bearing and bearing room and other accessories cleaning once.
  • fan heating is the most likely factor is higher wind pressure, sometimes we will unconsciously encounter the fan equipment in production, so that the fan pressure changes, resulting in motor heating. It also reminds us that we must not change equipment in production.

The appearance of vertical roller mill makes it possible to finish superfine grinding, classification and conveying at one time. It has become the equipment of superfine milling industry, and is widely used in chemical, metallurgical, non-metallic minerals and other industries.