Ultrafine Mill

With the continuous progress of grinding mill industry, the requirements of the ultrafine mill are also higher and higher, and the fineness requirements are becoming more and more sophisticated. The development of ultrafine mill not only provides more possibilities for materials, but also writes a new chapter for the industry.

Ultrafine mill mineral powder particles can achieve the desired ultra fine particles, in addition, its full closed appearance design to a great extent to avoid dust pollution, to ensure the physical health of flour milling workers to avoid dust hazards. This is just to meet the requirements of environmental protection society. Ultrafine mill industry is also a high energy consumption, high pollution industry, in order to develop well, we must take the green environmental protection route.

Ultrafine mill

Ultrafine Mill Routine maintenance

  • bearing chamber bearing lubrication check before and after the host, such as grease fouling, to clean, to renew the grease, the wear of bearings, it is not need to be replaced.
  • check and the external bolts and stable
  • turn on the main machine, check hammer hammer wear, if serious need to update the new parts.
  • check the damaged parts of each part of the liner and the body fixed bolts loose, loose to be stable, lining plate wear serious, to replace the new parts.
  • check the fan blade connection bolts, whether or not loose, the leaf is not wear serious, if the attack loose should be stable or replaced.
  • check furnace inside the eradication of fouling, patch

Ultrafine Mill Is Powerful Grinding Mill

The application of a wide range of equipment, in addition to the mining industry sand and gravel production line, can also be in the pharmaceutical, food, biological, chemical, ceramic, paint, feed and other fields have good performance.

Ultrafine mill Powerful

Ultrafine mill can achieve continuous work, increase production efficiency. A total of three eng superfine mill machine one can be realized at any time at any time feeding material, also can adjust the fineness. The equipment itself has screen mesh, and the residue is very little, which reduces the time of equipment cleaning and maintenance.

Ultrafine mill parts are all made of stainless steel material, grinding groove and blade wear resistance is high, can realize the production of high hardness material crushing.