Sand Washing Machine

Vertical roller mill replaces stone powder with limestone powder for burdening modification. By adjusting the height of the retaining ring of vertical roller mill, optimizing the parameters, modifying the form and structure of the wind ring, optimizing the ventilation area and wind speed, the vertical grinding system can adapt to the change of the particle size distribution of the raw material.

Sand Washing Machine performance

Performance characteristics of sand washing machine

The sand washing machine has the advantages of reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, large amount of processing, small power consumption and high cleanliness. The sealing structure is good, the whole closed transmission device and the adjustable weir plate ensure the high efficiency, durability, cleaning and dewatering effect of the product, and the fine particle product is stable and so on.

Sand Washing Machine performance

advanced technology of Sand washing machine

For many users, in the choice of time is often focused on the price advantage of equipment, but often ignore the equipment production capacity and technical advantages, which will bring great harm to the future production. For manufacturers, in order to obtain the user's recognition and trust, it is necessary to reduce the price on the basis of quality assurance within the allowable range, so that the competitive advantage will be greater. The new type of sand washing machine is adjusted and integrated from the core technology, the technology is more advanced, the production process is more mature, so that manufacturers can gain greater advantages in the huge market competition, and provide the basic guarantee for the development and growth of enterprises.