Raymond Mill

Raymond mill process is directly related to the efficient ability of Raymond mill, when we select the material once worn to separate monomer, it should be quickly from the mill out, and then avoid excessive milling situation. For the larger material particles, the standard particles can also be obtained by repeated friction. And even if a large amount of coarse sand is supplied, the grinding equipment can be produced enough effort.

Raymond Mill

Raymond Mill Working Principle

First of all, the materials need to be crushed into the main mill room, the need to pay attention to the protection of material into the continuous and uniform. At the same time, after the material is sent into, crushing will become the next step of the link. Crushing principle mainly due to the centrifugal force in rotation, the roller swings outward, tightly pressed on the grinding ring, shovel shovel material to the grinding roller and grinding ring, in order to completely crush material through the hard grinding roll continuous rolling back and forth. Next, after the material has been properly milled, the grinding of the wind caused by the blower caused by the wind into the Raymond Mill analysis machine for fine screening, for not meet the requirements, the more coarse material, Raymond mill will be re grinding, until qualified. The qualified subdivision is passed through the air stream into the finished cyclone dust collector and discharged through the powder tube, which is finished product.

Raymond Mill application

Raymond mill mainly used in the metallurgical industry, building materials industry, chemical industry, mining industry, mainly used for grinding processing of various ore products, equipment suitable for higher hardness, moisture of the lower ore mill, the ore mainly include gypsum ore, talc, calcite ore, limestone, marble ore, potash ore, heavy crystal Baiyun ore, ore, granite ore, Kaolin mineral soil, Peng run mine, medical aluminum ore, iron ore, iron oxide ore, iron ore and other various

General knowledge of maintenance of Raymond mill

As the Raymond mill wear, process requirements are relatively high, fine grain size, relatively expensive prices, higher investment requirements. Especially superfine pendulum mill is mainly used in non-metallic mineral, chemical synthesis, metal, building materials and other fields of grinding operations, the particle size of its products can be adjusted within 120-325 mesh range according to different requirements. When users invest, they are more concerned about the quality of equipment, stability, and daily maintenance knowledge.