Portable Crusher Plant

At present, portable crusher plant including jaw type mobile crushing station, cone type mobile crushing station and mobile crushing station screening, we can according to the different needs of different customers to a flexible configuration of broken, two broken, three stage crushing, crushing and screening equipment on all levels to optimize the combination, form a "first crushed sieve" after screening broken "process.

Crusher is widely used in many fields, because the mobile crusher has high efficiency. Less loss, so more and more manufacturers appreciate and love. Can in a very short time, high efficiency of production of the raw materials into our staff needed to rock, mineral, rock and mineral; used, all require very fine crusher, and produced by moving the jaw type rock mineral, whether in form or in terms of quality is very good, the rock and mineral size made right, fine degree, and very uniform.

Portable Crusher Plant

Selection skills of portable crusher plant

When customers choose the portable crusher plant, we must consider comprehensively, first of all, to understand their actual needs, but according to the demand to choose the right crusher.

Secondly, users also need to fully understand the crushing technology and function of mobile crushing station. In different ore characteristics and materials, the role of cone breaking is different, so the design of mobile crushing station will also be different.

Finally, it is necessary to consider the after-sales service of portable crusher plant. Because when the mobile station is put into use when the cone crusher crushing equipment, there will be a loss in the production process, if the customer service service manufacturers will provide regular inspection and maintenance services for the equipment, compared with cone crusher mobile crushing station price, customer service service is the key to save the production cost of sale.

According to different needs, our portable crusher plant has two types of tire and crawler. The former adopts the tyre type moving mode, which needs the vehicle traction, which is easy to drive on the ordinary highway, and can also run in the rugged and bad road environment in the crushing area, and can meet the mobility requirements in all kinds of environments. The chassis of the latter adopts rigid ship structure, which is driven by full hydraulic drive, and has good adaptability to mountain and wetland.