Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher

New energy saving technology of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher to reduce energy consumption, the most important is to improve the level of automation of jaw crusher, such as when the device will automatically take protective measures, automatic control and automatic lubrication when the jaw crusher crusher overload, strengthen innovation ability, will greatly reduce the jaw crusher's energy consumption. Improved jaw crusher production capacity, prolong the service life of the jaw crusher.

jaw crusher spare parts

The main parts of jaw crusher are: frame, fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate, upper and lower guard plate, adjusting seat, eccentric shaft, adjusting device, flywheel, lubrication device, moving jaw tie rod

Jaw crusher price

Jaw crusher price is related to the production cost of the whole jaw crusher, so the jaw crusher price choice according to the type and function of the broken machine, in the replacement of the need to choose carefully. At present, the domestic mining industry has a lot of crusher manufacturer, if you want to invest in crusher equipment, first of all to do some understanding of the manufacturers, but also to the jaw crusher price has a deep understanding, so that we can choose the jawcrusher multiplier effect.

Improve the production efficiency of jaw crusher

For the jaw crusher, the swing times of the moving jaw are determined by the rotation speed of the eccentric shaft. In a certain range, increasing the number of eccentric shaft can improve the production efficiency of crusher, but it will also increase the energy consumption of crushing unit quality ore. When the eccentricity of the eccentric shaft exceeds a certain limit, the broken ore in the crushing chamber can not be discharged so as to produce the blockage phenomenon, but the production efficiency is reduced and the electric energy consumption is increased. Therefore, the eccentricity of the eccentric shaft of the jaw crusher should be adjusted according to the actual situation, so that the production efficiency can reach the maximum.