Construction Waste Crusher

Through the rational use of construction waste, on the one hand to solve the problem of garbage disposal, on the other hand, turning waste into treasure, through the processing of crushing machinery, garbage production and recycling of raw materials, to ensure the maximum use of resources.

At present, in the face of the rapid discovery of the construction industry, construction waste accumulation, only construction waste crusher can solve the current construction industry faced with the garbage problem. To improve the quality of life of people, the construction industry must develop, manufacturing in the production of construction waste will be more and more, not less, if not broken equipment help, so in the construction industry development at the same time, our environment will suffer serious pollution. Thus, the discovery of construction waste crushing is very promising.

Construction Waste Crusher

Recycle of Construction Waste

Part of the building rubbish broken, through classification and selection, construction waste crushing, crushing the dispose of the treatment of the comminuted, seventy percent can be used again. According to the existing way of crushing technology, can be used are: part of construction waste crushing, sorting into coarse aggregate, with brick concrete, road base materials and construction, to achieve the use of resources; for steel doors and windows, waste steel, nails, cast iron pipes and other construction waste, the non-ferrous metal pick out to the smelter or steel plant recycling; some waste tiles after cleaning or processing also used again.

How is the Construction Waste Crusher production line running

First of all, we have a production process is garbage sorting, all the garbage for the preliminary classification, then through the vibrating screen for material classification, bricks, cement, sand and gravel will be screened down, can be used for the two time.

Construction Waste Crusher

Then the iron and plastic products are separated by magnetic separator, and the final process is to enter the feeding and regeneration crusher for mixing and crushing. According to the market demand, the broken material can be made into concrete brick and other new building materials products.

The advantage of the construction waste crusher is very obvious, it can use the impact of the machine stone processing into a variety of shapes, so that the construction work is no longer so tired, so in the future, the use of construction waste crusher prospects and market prospects are very broad. The construction waste recycling is the best way to deal with construction waste, which is also the trend of future development.